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Real Estate Development

Real Estate Financial Due Diligence (FDD)
After the recent it is crucial for developers, lenders, shareholders and end users to have a thorough understanding of development projects, the risks involved and the financial payoffs.

Isthmus Partners can provide expertise honed from assessing new developments and completed assets in the Middle East, USA, UK and Europe with experience in residential, office and retail asset classes. We work closely with a developer's management to provide both structuring and restructuring advice.

Of particular interest to developers is last mile financing, where projects require financing for completion. We can help developers organise and present the required information for promising projects.

Isthmus Partners provides a complete service in assessing a single asset including:

Feasibility Studies

Isthmus Partners consultants have carried out financial feasibility studies of real estate development plans both at their inception and once the development is under way. Through this experience, we can provide advice on a number of strategic decisions and help model the feasibility of new and existing projects. These services include:

Real Estate Operations Due Diligence (ODD)

A number of real estate developers and investment firms have found that the lack of controls and management information make it difficult to understand the true nature of their development projects, and this lack of understanding is an obstacle to raising external financing, additional shareholder equity or getting end users comfortable on project completion. Only real estate developers who have the right internal processes, operating discipline, good treasury management and forecasting, and credible access to development financiers and investors will survive.

Isthmus Partners has provided advice to Middle East based entities, identifying potential and actual trouble spots within an organization. Married with our knowledge on process improvement, we are distinctively placed to help clients develop a Target Operating Model and which puts in place controls for which individuals have clear responsibilities.